A bounty in the form of an original artwork will be awarded based on:

Posting press

about BitPainting.

  • Quality of the content.
  • Visibility of the site where posted.
  • Engagement with the article.
  • Posting press within an otherwise empty site does not qualify.

Finding a bug

in BitPainting.

  • Impact of the bug.
  • Likelihood of the bug.
  • Only new bugs qualify.
    (not those already submitted)
  • Trivial bugs do not qualify.
    (minor website issues, etc)
  • Report using the latest version of BP.
  • Please investigate and report in a non-harmful/disruptive manner.

Report a Bug

The type of original work (ie, the tier of the work) is determined by the BitPainting team based on the above factors, solely in our discretion.